Monday, September 30, 2013

sei que nada sou

Oi Familia!
Tudo Bem?!

It´s been a pretty great week.  We are finally starting to see some results from a long transfer full of hard work.  Kind of exciting.

Yesterday we got 3 people to church.  Carol (Daughter of Loreval who is Raimundo´s brother), Beatris (Niece of Raimundo), e Katiele (Daughter of Raimundo).  They all really liked it and want to come back for conference next week.  We stopped by Carol´s after Church yesterday and she commited to be baptized next week!  She didn´t promise, but she said she loved church, loved the youth, and with a good solid week of teaching I think she´ll be ready.  We want to commit Beatris tambem but didn´t really get the chance to talk to her yesterday.  The other good news is that Raimundo and Josali are really starting to progress.  The other day we watched Os Testamentos with them, and after had a really good discussion with Josali.  She told us about a dream she had, where someone was talking to her and she felt a ton of peace and joy, but she couldn´t remember the words.  We then opened up to 3 Néfi 11 and when we read verse 7 Eis aqui meu aFilho Amado, bem quem me comprazo e em quem glorifiquei meu nome—ouvi-o.  She stopped and told us ´That´s what he told me, that what I heard in my dream.`  Quite a miracle.  Anyways, her and Raimundo agreed to get married so we´re going to stop by the cartorio later this week to set up an appointment with the Judge.  So exciting!

So I finally got around to making cookies last week.  So good and so yummy.  All the roommates want to learn how to impress their girlfriends when they get back.  Also whipped up some pancakes yesterday for dinner.  Delicious.  Just lacked syrup, something I´ll have to live without in my time in Brazil.  Oh well.

So the other week we lost the hot water in the shower.  No big deal, it´s been so hot that cold shower´s feel good anyway.  But when the Assistent´s came to inspect the house they took it upon themselves to fix it, and in the process, completely destroyed the shower, tearing it out of the wall.  Never trust a missionary with home improvement.  Anyways, we had been taking pitcher showers for the last week until a kind member came and fixed everything up for us.  Hot water is back.  Which is good because it´s actually gotten kind of cold this week, at least during the nights.  Some afternoon´s get way hot, and then the nights get way cold.  Kind of bipolar.

So one last funny story.  I was showing Beatris and Katiele some photos of the family, and when she saw a photo of Dad, Beatris told me ´Ele aparece como Justin Bieber´  or `He looks like Justin Bieber`.  I got a kick out of that.  It was kind of picture from a distance, but still funny.

Well all in all it´s been a great week.  Transfers are next week so not sure what will happen.  I hope I stay with Elder Carmongio, but he´s been in the area a while and thinks he´ll be transferred, so we´ll see what happens.  Let you know next week.

I´ll close it out with a scripture i really liked from Alma 26:12.

Sim, sei que nada sou; quanto a minha força, sou débil; portanto não me avangloriarei de mim mesmo, mas gloriar-me-ei em meu Deus, porque com sua força posso fazer todas as coisas; sim, eis que fizemos muitos milagres nesta terra, pelo que louvaremos o seu nome para sempre.

Truly this is the work of the Lord, and it´s amazing what he can do with a bunch of 18-22 year old kids.  So with the force of the Lord is the work of Salvation possible.

Eu Amo Vocês 


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