Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Last Day in Indy with Elder Paxman and Elder Cozzens.

First Day in Brazil with Elder Miranda e Elder Bonfanti.  I spent one day with them in Progresso before being moved to Vida Nova.

California Pizza with Elder Barbosa. We probably ordered this pizza three times a week while we were together. The pizzeria ordered the ingredients just for us. Kind of a hawaiin pizza but a million times better. Not sure why. Maybe the fresh pineapple, or maybe the chocolate inside the crust.  Delicious.

Friends in Vida Nova.  Christina was one of the first people I met in Brazil and one of the last people I talked to in Vida Nova.  She has a billion kids, and loves saying Good Morning in English.

Speaking with the Birds!

A Brazilian Horizon

Standard Brazilian lunch.  Beans, rice, and meat.  You can get a plate like this for about R$10 in pretty much any restauraunt.  That adds up to about 5 bucks!  Can´t beat that for a deal!

Brazil Campinas Temple at night

Resting in the Rede (hammock for you Americans). Kind of cool they have hooks built into the house!

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