Monday, September 23, 2013

Quente! Quente! Quente! Tenho saudade de invierno e neve.

Oi familia!
Como vocês estão?

The heat is slowly killing me down here in Brazil.  So I´ve kind of been sick with gripe (brazilian version of the flu/cold) this last week, but no big deal.  I´ve worked through colds several times in my short lifetime.  Life was going good, we were working hard, teaching lots, and having a really productive week, and then Saturday it hit me really bad.  The sun was killer, I was exhausted from a long week of hard work, and my body decided to overheat.  Seriously probably the worst fever I´ve ever had.  But we stopped at a members house, took some medicine for fever, rested a bit, and then he took us home so I could recover a bit.  Took a cold shower, started to feel better, but by the end of the night the fever started to spike again.  My overconcerned companion and roommates freaked out, called Sister Perrotti and who made me go to the hospital (brazilian hospitals are pretty much like american doctor offices) at 10:30pm just to have the doctor tell me I had gripe.  Lost two hours of sleep for nothing.  Oh well.  I´m feeling a lot better today.  I was still kind of exhausted yesterday so we took things easy, but I´m drinking a lot of water and should be in tip top shape in no time.

So we have a huge teaching group right now.  Lots of awesome people, but not a lot of progress. Our biggest problem is getting people to Church.  The Church is next to a bunch of apartment buildings, so it´s kind of hard to work near the church, so the area where we are working is way far away from the chapel, so we have to find rides for everyone.  To top that off, almost everyone here works on Sunday.  It´s tough, especially to see people who are interested but aren´t willing to make the sacrifice to change.  We´ll probably start cycling through some people this week.

Bright spot of the week is we found an awesome couple, Felipe e Fernanda.  Felipe was really good friends with a patriarch in another stake before he moved here, and has already been taught everything and is really interested in the church.  His wife is a little overwhelmed right now cause he´s already talking about the 12 tribes of israel and temples, and all sorts of stuff that is completely over her head, so we´ll have to keep things simple and plain so she can see the joy of the gospel.  I´m really excited for them and have a FHE planned at a members house hoje a noite.  Should be great.  Hopefully we´ll mark a baptismal date with them.

We´re still visiting Raimundo e Josali, but things are tough with them.  He doesn´t really want to get married, she works almost every Sunday, and he is drunk most of the weekends, so this week we want to set some goals with them to get them progressing, and if they aren´t interested, we´ll sadly have to let them go for a while.

Should be a great week though!  I´ll end it off by inviting you all to read Alma 15:5-12, which talks about how Zeezrom was healed from his guilt and his sin through his faith in Jesus Christ.  To me it shows how powerful true faith really is.  It has the power to change our hearts, heal our sorrows, and cure our guilt, but only if we let him. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Eu amo vocês.


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