Monday, September 16, 2013

Já fiz 6 mezes da missão. O loco!!!

Oi familia!  Tudo bem!

I can´t believe that 6 months have already gone by since you all dropped me off at the MTC.  Time is flying by!

It might be kind of a short letter today, not because I don´t have time, but more because not much happened this week.  We didn´t work as much as we would have liked due to me getting sick for a day on Tuesday, and then Elder Carmongio got sick yesterday, but all is good now so no need to worry.

It´s starting to get blazing hot down here.  The afternoons are absolutely miserable.  Within 30 minutes I´ve soaked my shirt through with sweat, have a parched throat, and am ready to go back home to a Utah winter.  But all is well.  The nights are really nice, so I just do my best to slug it through the afternoon until 5 or 6 when the sun starts to set.

Sadly, Lela ended up moving to Belem (another state here in Brazil).  She was so ready to get baptized.  I only hope she finds the Church there.  Other than her we found a lot of young couples this week to teach.  Most of them are unmarried but have been living together for 5 or 6 years, so we´re hoping at least one of them will turn out and accept the gospel, get married, get baptized, and then go to the temple a year from now.  Should be good!

Yesterday was Stake Conference, and Elder Claudio Costa of the seventy, who is also president of the Brazil area in the church came and spoke.  He spoke a lot about the dangers of media and had a quote that I really like. Eu posso destruir minha vida com o mesmo dedão que eu posso ler todas as escrituras, discursos de conferencia, etc.  So true.  Technology really can be a blessing or a curse.

Well that´s kind of the week in review.  I´ll end it off with a scripture I enjoyed this week in Mosias (Mosiah) 23:21-22.

Não obstante, o Senhor julga conveniente castigar seu povo; sim, ele prova sua paciência e sua fé. Entretanto, quem nele confia será elevado no último dia. E assim foi com este povo.

Sometimes we don´t know why the Lord gives us trials, or why we have to go through some difficult times, but like the people of Alma, sometimes even the righteous have to pass through tribulation to prove our faith to the Lord.  But the Lord promises to lift us up to eternal life in the last days, so remember to take everything with an eternal perspective.

Love you all and hope you have a great week!


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