Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last week's post

Meant to send this in last week.

This week has completely flown by and I've been having a blast.  I completely agree with what Elder Anderson said in Conference, "This isn't missionary work.  This is missionary fun!"  I completely agree and hope I never lose sight of the fun admist the work.  There is definitely a lot of work involved, but the work is uplifting, even in the MTC.  The big news this week is that me and my companions were called as Zone Leaders for our branch, which doesn't mean a ton in the MTC, but I enjoy it because we get to see how all the other districts are doing every day and get to know a lot of other missionaries.  We also get to interview the District Leaders once a week which I find really inspiring because there are so many great leaders here, and it's great to hear their input and advice on leadership and missionary work.  Another thing we get to do is welcome all the new missionaries.  This is probably my favorite part, because my Portuguese sounds really good to all the newbies :).  I just let them know that they'll be a lot better than me within a couple weeks, and answer any questions they have.

I loved conference here. Sitting on the hard chairs, I think I only fell asleep for one talk which is a record.  I even stayed up during Richard G. Scott's talk which literally never happens, so that was good.  I really enjoyed all the talks, and have 4 or 5 pages of notes and can't wait to get the Ensign next month.  I can hardly pick a favorite, but I really enjoyed President Packer's talk, President Monson's talk on obedience, Elder Perry's talk on the commandments, and so many more.  Sister Dalton gave an amazing talk as well and I'm kind of sad to see her go after the huge influence she's had on a lot of my friends.  I noticed a lot of talks about families and the importance of work in the home, probably because I'm not at home anymore.  I wouldn't be suprised if you heard a lot about missionary work ;).

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