Monday, April 22, 2013

Last Update from the MTC

Today's the last day here in the MTC!  Tomorrow morning I fly to Indianapolis where I will serve in the Indiana, Indianopolis mission until my visa comes! This morning was my last class and the rest of the day is dedicated to laundry and packing.  We leave at 4 AM tomorrow morning, so I'm pretty pumped!

Tuesday Elder Scott came for devotional and he gave an amazing talk on prayer, and how important it is to have a two way conversation.  My favorite part of the his talk was the last his last line.  "I know Christ lives because I know him."  Prayer really is an opportunity to develop a relationship with God, and my purpose as a missionary is to help others develop that relationship for themselves.  I'm not out here to baptize a ton of people, or to hand out a ton of Book of Mormons.  I'm out here to help others establish and develop their own relationship with God, because once they have that relationship, they will want to follow him.  He also gave us all an apostolic blessing that we may master the language and he said some other cool things, but I don't have my notes right now.  The best part was after the closing song, he hopped back up as a missionary was coming up to say a prayer and reminded us all how much God loves us and how much he needs us.  He said that God has called us to succeed, not to fail.  It was a great devotional, and I know he is an apostle of the Lord because I felt God's love for me while he was talking.
The rest of the week has flown by.  Wednesday we got our reassignments.  We thought they would be online on our mission page by Wednesday afternoon, but they hadn't changed missions so we were all disappointed.  So then we went to the travel office to see if they had any information for us, but they didn't either.  But like half an hour after that another district that got in the same time as us came running in all excited saying the travel office had our reassignments in, so we all booked it down, and they just read off names and missions and we were all going crazy!  It was a blast!  The only problem is that since then our Portuguese studying has kind of gone down the drain... oh well.   A couple elders in our district left this morning for Farmington, New Mexico, and Carlsbad California.  Tomorrow a bunch of us leave for Tennessee and Indiana, and then Wednesday the rest head out to Michigan.  It's crazy that we're done here at the MTC, but I can't wait to get out to Indiana and convert all those Hoosiers! :).
Another fun thing on Wednesday was me and my companheiros got to do example teaching in front of all the new missionaries that come in.  It was way fun to be teach in English and actually understand what was going on, and it was fun to see all the nervous new missionaries slowly get a grasp of things in the MTC.

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