Monday, November 17, 2014

Deixa a luz do sol entrar

Oi família!

What a great week it has been. It´s hard to believe that it´s P-day already. The time really just flies by. We had a great week. Lot´s of great people we are teaching, lots of great experiences.

We found an awesome family. Tatiane, Luiz e Ana Luisa. There Dad has been working a ton, so we still haven´t met him, but the other three all went to church and all loved it. Luiz and Ana Luisa are 9 year old twins and a great to be around. Reminds me of you Amy and Lisa. I know you are both older now, but when I left I think you were 9 and 11, so just about the same age.

It´s crazy that this is the last week of the transfer...

Jacquelaine was confirmed yesterday. She is so fun, and a new light has truly entered into her life.

I´ve been studying a lot of Church history lately. It´s really interesting and I´ve learned a lot. I respect a lot the early church leaders. They traveled and worked for years to establish this great work that will move on through the centuries.

We met another great guy named Romario as well. He is 20 and lives here with his cousin. He went to church on Sunday and liked it a lot. We just need to get him really involved these next few weeks.

Love you all.


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