Monday, October 27, 2014

a vida está ótima

Oi fam!

Life is good in Vinhedo. I´m honestly just loving it here. Great comp, great members, great area, great mission.

We are teaching a really cool guy named Allisson. I think I told you all about him last week, but Saturday we took him to the temple and he told us as we were driving home, `Eu senti uma energia estranha lá.´ Translated thats "I felt a strange energy there." I guess that's one way to describe the Spirit :). But it was a really spiritual experience. As part of the temple trip, the Sisters from the city next to us also brought 4 investigators, two of which were baptized yesterday. I was able to do the baptismal interview of them, Ivani, and her son Matheus. It was a really special experience to do a baptismal interview in the temple, and really set the background to get them excited to enter the temple a year from now. After the interviews, the other investigators, Raimunda e Cleber asked for a priesthood blessing so they could stop smoking so that they could be baptized soon. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had. I felt prompted to tell Raimunda that she would no longer have desire to smoke if she continued following the gospel. Thery are a young couple that are waiting for some documents to come through so they can get married, but pretty soon, it should all work out.

Since Loveira (the city of the sisters) is just a branch and doesn[t have a baptismal font, Matheus and Ivoni were baptized in our chapel. I had to go early to fill up the font, and get everything all ready, and then when they got there, they asked me if I could baptize them. I didn't have a towel, or a change of clothes, but I was honored to baptize them and everything worked out just fine. Matheus is 19, and told me he wants to serve a mission.

We are also teaching Jacquelaine, a young women who is 17, and she loved church on sunday, and even better, the young women leaders loved her. If everything goes as planned she should be getting baptized in the next week or two. We are trying to get her Dad to come to church as well, but up until now he is kind of resisiting. But he'll come around.

Well I guess that'a the highlight reel of the week. We have a lot of other great people as well. I'm loving life and hope all of you all as well. I just close things off with a scripture that I really liked this week in Mosias 26:29-31;

29 Digo-te, portanto: Vai; e o que transgredir contra mim,julgarás de acordo com os pecados que houver cometido; e seconfessar seus pecados diante de ti e de mim e arrepender-se com sinceridade de coração, tu o perdoarás e eu também o perdoarei.

30 Sim, e tantas vezes quantas o meu povo se arrepender, perdoá-lo-ei de suas ofensas contra mim.

31 E também vos perdoareis uns aos outros vossas ofensas, pois em verdade vos digo que aquele que não perdoar as ofensas de seu próximo, quando este se confessar arrependido, trará sobre si condenação.

Eu sei que Cristo nos ama e está ansioso a nos perdoar. Ao perdoar uns aos outros, vamos encher-nos com o puro amor de Cristo e sentir a sua luz em nossas vidas. Sempre lembre-se que ninguém é perfeito, que devemos ser unidos em nossos luta contra o mal, e que devemos aceitar as fraquezas dos outros, buscando ajudar em vez de criticar, curar em vez de ferir, amar em vez de odiar. Amo todos vocês e espero que tenham uma semana excelente.



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