Saturday, July 6, 2013

People and Places

Monday July 1, 2013

I'm dedicating email time today to sending everyone pics so sorry but there won't me much of a letter.  But I figure pictures are worth a thousand words so enjoy.

1. Yazmine Corona's baptism.  May 14th.  Elder Mancilla baptized her, and I participated by giving a talk on the Holy Ghost.  I think I emailed more about it earlier so that should be good for now

2. Hermana Liliana.  She used to feed us every Monday night before she had to go back to Mexico.  Sad to see her go but we still eat with her two sons, Carlos and Luiz, before we teach Carlos and Guadalupe every tuesday night.

3. Vicky, Maria, and Anthony.  Vicky and Maria are recent converts we've been working with a lot.  Every once in a while they will have a giant lunch for all 8 missionaries after church in the church kitchen.  People use the kitchen a lot more in the church here than they did in Utah.  Anthony is the cutest little kid.  Yesterday we made him a little future missionary plack with a sticky note.  So much fun.  He loves calling us "corchino" which pretty much means pig.  I think we eat too much at there house.

4. Downtown Indianopolis from near the Church.  I took this after I went on exchanges with Elder Ustach, one of the Zone Leaders.  Most of the zone leaders here work on college campuses, so I got to work on the campus of IUPUI with him for a day.  It was pretty fun.  We just talked to people all over campus in English, and handed out a lot of cards.  Definitely a more diverse school of thought on campus than among the hispanics.  We ran into atheists, muslims, hard-core christians, people who didn't really care, but over all most everyone was willing to listen and it was fun talking to so many different people.

5. Guadalupe, Carlos, and Luiz Reyes.  Since Hermana Liliana left, Guadalupe has been feeding us every Tuesday and we teach them right after.  Carlos and Luiz are both members, but inactive and have a lot of doubts.  Luiz has a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon, but thinks the Church has veered off since then and he has a lot of questions about living prophets, tithing etc.  Really cool guy though.  Carlos doesn't have the same testimony of the Book of Mormon, but he's been reading, and has definitely made some progress since we started.  Guadalupe isn't a member, but she really wants to find out if its true for herself and has been reading the Book of Mormon, and feels like it's true, but she wants a more solid answer before commiting to baptism.  I love teaching them though, because they have a lot of sincere questions, and a sincere desire to know.  It's just been a longer process, but I have faith it will all work out.  We are teaching them the Law of Chastity tomorrow, and I really hope Carlos and Guadalupe will commit to obey it, either by living separate or getting married.  I think we need to get them living all the commandments so the Spirit can testify to them more strongly that this really is the truth.  They have felt the Spirit, but the Spirit obedience is prerequisite to feeling the full force of the Spirit in our lives so I'm hoping that will help.

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