Tuesday, February 10, 2015

última samana!!!

Hey fam,

Well this is the last email. It will probably be a quick one. Next week I´ll be going to Campinas, getting a bus to São Paulo, and then taking a midnight flight back to the states.

Highlight of the week was definitely the marriage and baptism of Luciclea and Fernando. They were so excited and felt such a huge peace after.

We have two other people that are planning on getting baptized the last week of the mission. Jamille is the cousin of Débora and she has just been loving church, and Marli was a referral from another investigator that is eating things up as well. It´s been a really fulfilling couple weeks.

All the misisonaries that are going home had a training from the Centro de Auto-suficiência. Pretty much just training on getting a job. Interview tips, resume tips, finding tips. It was pretty cool.

I´m way excited to talk to everyone. We´ll have a lot to talk about ;)

Love you all and see you next week!



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