Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Campinas de nova

Oi fam!
Como foi a semana de vocês?

I´m back in in black... I mean back in Campinas.  Same stake as I was in at the beginning of the year, just one ward over.  It´s been kind of weird to be back in the city.  I´ll be completely honest.  I really don´t like Campinas.  I would never want to leave here in the city.  If one day I ever moved to Brazil (which I don´t think will likely happen)  I would definitley choose to live in Vinhedo.  Definitely my favorite city I have passed by until now.  

But it´s been crazy to see what a difference a couple kilometers can make.  This area is completely different then Jardim das Bandeiras, and a thousand times harder.  Honestly, in terms of the work, this has been the hardest week of my mission.  People here are a lot more closed off then I´m used to and it has been so hard to get into houses and teach.  But we´ve got some plans all worked out.  We just need a teaching group.  I got here and there was only about 2 people that were really investigators, and so we´ve only taught them.  You have to have an appointment to teach here, so as we get more people in the group, we will have more appointments, and more lessons, and then more people preparing for baptism.  So this week should be fun.

My companion is Elder Rodriguez.  He´s on his second transfer out, but has already learned a lot.  I´ve liked him so far.  He´s kind of quiet, but is always cracking jokes in his quiet way, so it´s been fun.  I miss Elder Ferguson though.  He was definitely one of the best companions I´ve had.  But Elder Rodriguez is great too.  He is from Rio Grande do Sul, has a girlfriend who is waiting for him, and loves to watch movies.

Highlight of the week has to be going to the Temple today for the first time since Christmas.  Only the zones in Campinas can go, and even then only once every 3 or 4 months, so last time I was in Campinas I missed out, but I´m back and came back in perfect timing.  It was so beautiful and so nice to feel the love of the Lord.  Life just seems to make so much more sense as we come to understand God´s great plan of happiness better.

I love you all a lot.  I hope you all always remember the love of God in our day to day life.  Don´t forget him.  He will never forget us, but when we remember him, everything works out.



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