Monday, February 10, 2014

Calor de mais! Record setting heat in Brazil!

Oi familia,

Mais um transferência acabou. Time is just flying by. 11 months has
already passed by and before I know it, I´ll be more then a year old
on the mission. Crazy.

So it´s just my luck that I´m in Brazil during the hottest year of the
century. The heat has been breaking records here, and the country is
in danger of going into a serious drought. The rain has completely
stopped and there are some cities that have already cut the water to
conserve. Something like one day on and one day off. We´re still
good here, but if it doesn´t rain soon, I don´t know what will happen.
The Lord will take care of us though, so I´m not too worried.

So other then the blazing sun, life has been good. The hours after
lunch sometimes get a little bit miserable. Hardly anyone is home, so
we are stuck in the streets trying to find people to talk too. We can
usually get into a house or two and find someone to talk to, but
inside the houses aren´t much better without air conditioning. We
have fans to keep us cool at night, but we´ve ended up throwing our
mattresses outside and sleeping under the stars because it manages to
cool down a bit at night, and that makes sleeping a lot nicer. Kind
of reminds me of camping a bit, just with cement all around me instead
of trees, but I´ll take what I can.

So I´ll guess I´ll tell you a bit about Elder Lybbert. He´s from
Georgia, a city close to Atlanta, and came straight here from the
Provo MTC. He had actually got reassigned to Indy as well, but the
visa came just before he left. He has an older sister on a mission as
well, in Georgia, and I think he has a couple other siblings as well.
He didn´t bring any photos so it´s kind of hard to remember. He´s
huge into BMX, so huge that after he had a really bad crash his Junior
year, and after being in a coma for 5 days, he learned how to walk
again, and then how to bike again, and went right back out. I guess
he´ll be safe for two years here. He lost his hearing in one ear
though, so I always have to stay on the right side, or maybe it´s the
left. I really don´t remember. I think being part deaf makes
learning the language a lot harder though. You learn so much from
listening, and without hearning, it´s hard to distinguish words and
phrases, so everything probably just sounds like a jumbled mess to
him. But he´s picking it up. Slowly but surely.

We are teaching an awesome couple right now, and they are even legally
married! Rodrigo and Elisangela found us walking down the street one
day. Rodrigo pulled over and asked us if we could teach him some
English, and we were like ´Sure, if you come to church on Sunday` We
tried to set an appointment right then and there, but he didn´t want
to give his address, and so we gave them the address of the church and
invited him and left, and didn´t think much of it because usually if
people aren´t willing to set an appointment, they won´t come to
church, but sure enough he came, and brought his wife too! What a
great suprise that was. That was about 4 weeks ago, and they have
been coming every week and really love it. They are such great
people. So fun to be around and so fun to teach. We just need to
teach them more, but it´s kind of hard because they are working and
studying until 9 almost every day, so we can only pass by on the
weekends. But logo logo tudo vai dar certo.

Well that´s about it for now. Hope you all have a great week.

Amo vocês,



E agora, meu amado filho, apesar da dureza deles, trabalhemos
diligentemente; porque, se deixarmos de trabalhar, estaremos sob
condenação; porque enquanto habitarmos este tabernáculo de barro,
temos uma obra a executar, para vencermos o inimigo de toda a retidão
e para que nossa alma descanse no reino de Deus.

Moroni 9:6

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