Monday, January 20, 2014

Running out of ideas of what to title my emails.

Oi Familia!
Tudo Bem?!

Just like to start off my sending out a big thanks for the Birthday
package! It was way fun to get, and I felt like you guys sent a lot
of love with all the simple gifts. Goes to show that love bridges any
barrier, even across the continents. Dad, thanks for the music, it
really was great to get, and also thanks for giving up the Reeses, I
know that was probably a sacrifice. Lisa, thanks so much for the
Kool-aid. It really has been helping in the hot afternoons. Amy, I
love listening to you sing! Your choir is so good and so inspiring.
Thanks for the game as well. I still need to try it out. I think
I´ll do that after I finish writing this. Thanks for the tie Brian! I
wore it on Sunday. Really pretty chique. And thanks Mom for the
brownies, and everything else, and more than anything, the love you
were able to pack into everything. I love you all so much.

So I went shopping at Walmart today. Yep, it truly is taking over the
world. Kind felt like a piece of home here in Brazil ;)

The week really flew by. We really have a great teaching group right
now, just need to help some people pray and read the Book of Mormon,
and when they do, I know they will feel that this is all true. It
really is so simple. Read the Book of Mormon and pray with sincerity,
and God will answer. But you have to want it. Without real intenção
ou desejo, God can´t do much for us. Reminds me of a phrase I learned
in the MTC, God can´t drive a parked car.

Diego was baptized yesterday. A great experience for him, and even
more importantly, his family. His Mom and Brother came and really
enjoyed the baptismal service, and church as well after, so it looks
as if their hearts have opened up a bit.

We are also teaching the family of Gabi. Gabi has been going to
church for three years but hasn´t been baptized yet because her Mom
thought she was too young to make that kind of decision, and her Mom
was really Catholic at the time, but we taught her the Restoration,
and she really understood and even accepted baptism as well! She just
wants to take some time, but we will get her reading the Book of
Mormon, and Gabi, her Mom, and her Brother all should be baptized
within the next month or so.

There are a ton of other people here as well. It´s been so fun to see
the teaching group grow so fast, but it just goes to show how much God
is preparing his children. If I´ve learned anything this transfer,
it´s that so much depends on our vision. If we believe we can do
something, and have the faith that God will help us, it will happen.

Love you all so much, and wish you all the best of weeks!



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