Monday, November 18, 2013

Começando de novo em Itupeva

Oi Familia!
Tudo bem?!

Well I´m officially taking a tour of the mission. 4 transfers here in
brasil, 4 different areas, 3 different cities, 4 different companions,
and a lot of fun hard work. I know a lot of missionaries that
complain about getting transferred, but I´ve actually kind of enjoyed
it. Sure it´s been hard to leave behind friends, get to know the
streets and the cities, get to know the ward, and get to know the
comps, but it´s honestly been a great adventure for me.

So right now I´m in Itupeva with Elder Schulze. He has about 6 weeks
here in Brazil, but served two transfers in the Tennesse Knoxville
mission before he got here. Story sound similar? Anyways he is a
great guy, a really hard worker, and super obedient. He´s from
Phoneix, and is quite the athlete. Basketball star, quarterback...
etc. He´s probably going to play college ball when he gets back but
hasn´t decided which scholarship to take yet. He kind of wants to try
to walk on to BYU as well. It´s been great to work with him this

I love the area here. The ward is awesome. Great members who are
willing to work with us. We have quite a few investigators who are
progressing. Gabriela is 17 whose brother joined the church two years
ago and he is getting ready to go on a mission. She´s serious about
joining the church, and if everything goes right, should be baptized
this week.

Claudinei is another investigator we have with a baptismal date for
this upcoming Sunday. He´s awesome and really ready, but is
struggling to quit smoking and coffee. But he´d already made huge
strides before I got here, so I think he´ll make. I´ll be praying
lots for him and keep in touch on a daily basis.

I definitely miss Pouso Alegre. It´s amazing how many friends you can
make and how close you can get to people in a short period of 5 weeks.
Truly built my testimony of the power of the gospel. Only the love
of Christ can unite people that strongly, that quickly, and although
it´s been hard, I know I´ve made some eternal friends and am looking
forward finding more friends here. Who knows? Maybe I only have 6
weeks here as well, so I`ll have to hit the ground running.

I´ll just end it off with an awesome scripture I found in 3 Néfi 13.

Portanto não vos preocupeis com o dia de amanhã, porque o dia de
amanhã se preocupará com suas própias coias.

Too often in life we catch ourselve worrying about the future when we
would be better off focusing on the moment and enjoying every
opportunity to live that God has given us. I really have a testimony
that tommorrows problems will take care of themselves, especially if
we put our faith in the Lord and live in the moment. I love you all
and wish you all the best of weeks.



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